Vintage Chess Books Still Prove Relevant,

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I have been looking around as of late for some vintage chess books on those unorthodox openings that I just LOVE playing. Not too many results it seems. So I find on Amazon, “1,340 results for books on the english opening” (might be interesting if they get into the wacky variations such as 1. c4 a5), another chess site where there are 106 books on the sicilian (again if only the wacky was given equal treatment), another 108 books on the queens gambit etc etc.

I found this really great book on playing irregular chess openings, Winning Unorthodox Openings (Everyman Chess)

I highly recommend it because White sets the tone for the game. I am confident that any of the so called “irregular chess openings” white tries can always lead to a win. Many of the descriptions and diagrams also work very well when playing black even though books on irregular replies by black are very limited. It would take so many books to publish every single response which would be my best guess.

An excellent chess book to any library.

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