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Product: The Golden Collector Series Luxury Wood Chess Set, Box, & Board Combination

Price: $8495 $6295

Cheapest Place to Buy: US Chess Federation Sales ( via House of Staunton)

Guarantee: 1 year warranty from date of purchase.

Weight: 74.6 ounces

My Rating: 10/10

The Whole Chess Set

What Are Luxury Chess Sets?

Luxury chess sets have several unique qualities. The first is the materials. Unlike the plastic chess sets I reviewed in the past, luxury chess sets are only made of wood and other rare materials. They are made in very small production numbers and not mass produced. All of them will contain serial numbers and possibly an authenticity certificate ascertaining to its rare customized nature. Many non-chess players buy it for the aesthetically pleasing beauty (as chess sets of this price point and caliber are true works of art!) while some chess players buy it as a pure collectors item intending on letting it appreciate in value. This kind of chess set would be perfect in a library like setting.

The Beautiful Pieces

When buying a luxury chess set that costs in excess of $1,000, the key is looking at the intricate details of the pieces. How are the knights crafted? The ears, the eyes, the mouth, the “saddle”? Are the top of the rooks evenly constructed and look like they are inspired by a castle? Do the bishops look upright? How heavy are the pieces? All of these details are very important as they signify whether the chess set is a byproduct of hand built craftsmanship. In fact, luxury chess sets can only be made by hand due to the very complex intricacies that a machine simply cannot copy. The pieces in the Collectors Series don’t even have billiard cloth on the bottom like my favorite tournament pieces. Rather, they are made from English leather with a signature from the chess artisan himself!

White Pieces With Beautiful English Leather Bottom

The Difference Between a Vinyl Chess Board and a Hand Built Luxury Wood Chess Board

An average vinyl chess board runs about $5 and is mass produced. It is very durable and easy to transport. Not so with a luxury chess board. Since the board is made of wood and rather delicate, it is best to be looked at as “table artwork”. Would you constantly transport a Picasso panting? Of course not since it is so valuable. Speaking of wood, a luxury wood chessboard will always have very even graining that is consistent from one square to the next. The Golden Collectors Series Chess Set uses several different kinds of wood. The dark squares are made of red amboyna burl and the light squares are made of birds eye maple with spalted maple inlays.

Not Just Any Chess Box!

Chess Boxes are a dime a dozen these days. Most boxes run around between $6 and $25. They also are ones where you can throw chess pieces in there with the hope they don’t get damaged. In the Golden Collectors Series Chess Set, the box is made of the finest English leather and unlike other chess boxes, each piece has its own compartment! No more need to worry about whether the cross on the king is going to cut into your beautiful bishop and knight!

My take?

You should definitely buy this chess set as it will be the best chess set you will ever own! The size, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship ensure you will never find a set of this kind anywhere else! Beautiful games with a beautiful chess set. What could possibly be any better? It is so beautiful to look at and play with, that every one of your friends that sees your set will be gushing with awe and praise. It is truly a beautiful work of art at a fraction of the cost of an actual art piece by a famous artist that will last you for a lifetime and with proper care, for many generations. You may be thinking; Elan how could I possibly spend over $6,000 on a chess set? The US Chess Federation and House of Staunton make it very easy to pay for the set over time with their Layaway program.  Check it out for more information. You can pay for the chess set over time at terms you select. No need to worry about paying 10% interest via Affirm. Best of all, this whole set is made in the USA! This chess set is very limited in its production run so grab it while you can!

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