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The Best Chess Pieces:

In order to be able to play my wacky chess openings against others, I highly recommend a really great plastic chess set. When I am traveling a lot to chess clubs, I always use a really great chess set with plastic pieces because of ease of transport, quality, and durability. The pieces as part of my chess set are quadruple weighted. Why is this important you might ask? I have played many chess games and without the substantial weight, the pieces keep falling down. Isn’t that annoying? Especially when you are under time pressure. They are also very long lasting and incredibly elegant.

The Best Chess Board

One cannot play chess without a chessboard. Since I am sure you will want to bring your chess set with you and have something that is very long lasting, I highly recommend a “mousepad” chessboard. I have owned several vinyl roll up chess boards in the past and every single time I try to roll them flat after taking it out of my chess bag, there is always a crease in the board or it never seems to completely flatten itself on the table! Arrgh!! With this mousepad board, you could literally roll it, twist it, and fold it in any way, shape or form you desire and it will come out flat! Best of all, it is made in the USA.

The Chess Bag to Store It All

If you intend to travel with your chess set as I do, you will need a chess bag. I have one that I use to transport my quadruple weighted chess set and can’t recommend it enough! It will fit the chess set that I endorse very easily with room to spare.

I am sure all of you will love the chess set I recommend and it will last for many years to come.

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