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  • Product: INSA Wooden Chess Clock
  • Price: $69.90 (with free shipping if you are an Amazon prime member)
  • Cheapest (and best place) to Buy:
  • Type of Chess Clock: Analog
  • My Rating: 9/10

The Beauty of the Chess Clock

I find that using a chess clock in a chess game is part the art of time management, part learning critical thinking, and part brain psychology. A clock allows you to still win the game “on time” even if you are in a losing position. Very handy for those positions where you played one of my favorite wacky chess openings but things seem to be heading in the direction not anticipated. You can use the opponent’s time pressure to your advantage. Through my favorite site, I have played many games where I was in a losing position but because I had a time advantage (say he/she only had 5 seconds left), I won. If I didn’t have a clock, I would have lost and that clock helped me get to my rating online of 1808 points out of 2800 total available points.

The INSA Wooden Chess Clock Versus All of the Electronic Ones

If you are like me, you hate complexity. The INSA wooden chess clock is the opposite of that. Intead of endlessly toggling menus trying to figure out how to set the time, whether you want time delay, or some other features, all that you need to do is use the mechanical watch like winder on the back for each side of the face to set the desired time. For example, If I want only 15 minutes for the game, I would use the mechanical watch like winder to guide the the minute hand so that the time looks like a quarter to whatever hour you desire. It doesn’t matter if it reads 5:45 or 1:45, it is still 15 minutes in length. The same principles follow if you only want 5 minute, 60 minute, or 45 minute time control.

The Cons of the INSA Wooden Chess Clock

There are many who only swear by digital chess clocks. And I can understand. Many digital chess clocks on the market have time delay, lighting contrast, low time warnings, and a whole diversity of different time options. You can set your favorite time preferences and when you are ready to play, there is no need to manually set anything. Analog chess clocks like the INSA simply do not have these features. If you want a digital chess clock with all of these unique features mentioned, I highly recommend the DGT North American chess clock as I have used this chess clock when I have gone to tournaments. It is a great value at $35.95 and if you are an amazon prime member, you get free two day shipping.

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