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From 15+ years of experience, I have bought cheap chess tournament bags and I have bought expensive chess tournament bags. In comparing the two,  the old adage goes; you get what you pay for. In looking for a chess tournament bag, you have to consider three factors:

  • Durability
  • Space
  • Ease of Transport

Before getting into the actual review, this is what a cheap chess bag looks like: For someone who needs to transport more than a chess set, this simply will not cut it! If you are just trying to transport a roll up board and some unweighted plastic pieces to a friends house, it will do.

Outside View of the Chess Bag

PRODUCT NAME: House of Staunton Deluxe Tournament Bag

Fits All Of Your Chess Materials Perfectly!

PRICE: $64.95

WEBSITE/WHERE TO BUY- House of Staunton

My Rating: 10/10

House of Staunton Deluxe Tournament Bag Overview

In order to ensure that your chess set and other chess materials remain in top condition for years to come, the storage solution has to give you a means to securely transport it. Sure you could put all of your chess materials in a plastic bag, but that would be disrespecting all of the money you spent into buying quality chess materials that enhance your game and make the game so enjoyable! When you buy a higher quality (but more expensive) chess bag, you ensure that you have space for not only your chess set but also your clock, scorebook, pens, and any reading materials you want to transport. The bag will also be more durable as the materials for the bag are more resistant to dirt, dust, liquid spills and tears

The Different Pockets of the Chess Bag

A great chess bag should have either a velcro strap or a separate pocket for one’s chess clock. My current chess bag has two pockets for black and white pieces which is exactly how the House of Staunton Deluxe Tournament Bag is designed. There will be a second velcro strap to secure your rollup chess board. Roll up chess boards are the only boards that fit in this type of bag because a( there isn’t enough space for wood boards and b( it goes back to durability and ease of setting up. The inside pocket at the top of the bag will house either any reading materials you want to bring, scorebooks (to write your moves down) and or a second chess board.

A Question Of Presentability

I remember when I walked into a chess club one day and I had my plastic chess set in a computer bag. When I came in, no one took me seriously. Why? Because of presentation! Everyone else had a long wide chess bag like the house of staunton bag pictured above compared to my bag which didn’t even look like it could house a chess set. If you want to look like you are a serious chess player, you need to look the part.

Should you Buy?

My answer is an uneqivocal yes! The House of Staunton Deluxe Tournament Bag not only boasts superb quality, durability, and reliability, but will be able to transport all of your chess materials in one bag no matter where you go.


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