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Product: Forward Chess E-Book Reader

Price: The app is free (IOS/Android) but books average $19.99

Where to Buy?:

My Rating: 10/10

This is what a chess game on the android app looks like when using Forward Chess


Before we get into what Forward Chess is, we should first think about what chess books are. Chess books are written to describe particular topics such as chess openings, chess psychology, chess themes, or middle/endgame play.

If you are like me, you probably checked out a chess book from your local library, stared at a chess set and analyzed the games from the book only to experience frustration that you really couldn’t dive deep into the game because the analysis caused you to keep restarting your chess position!

We live in the 21st century and we analyze chess games the old fashioned way? Is there such a thing as a chess e-book reader? Can this issue be solved?

A New Way to Analyze Chess Games:

Yes it can be solved! Forward Chess is a free application that can be downloaded on your computer or mobile device (Windows/Mac and IOS/Android) that allows you to buy chess e-books either via your mobile device (my favorite) or via your computer and then analyze the chess material electronically. When you analyze a chess game, you can dive deep into EVERY single move and never have to restart your chess position after analyzing explanations and commentary.

What does this mean? It means that your chess knowledge and games will get stronger and stronger without the need for chess sets in front of you or missing out on the meaning of a move!

Here is a short video that explains how Forward Chess works.


Benefits of Using Forward Chess:

  1. You can analyze chess games where ever you are. On the go, at home, at lunch or any other place you can think of. As long as you have an internet connection or a data connection, you can analyze chess a chess game.
  2. Built in search engine stockfish for in depth analysis.
  3. No need for a chess board, waiting for chess books to come in the mail and paying for associated shipping costs.The chess board allows you to analyze every move in the chess book you download in real time!
  4. Free publisher corrections to all e-books downloaded.

Should You Download Forward Chess and Buy Chess E-Books?

I downloaded Forward Chess to my android phone and can say without a doubt that it is the best app for analyzing chess games that I have ever used! The app is super easy to navigate and I never had to start games over when analyzing positions with extended commentary.

My chess knowledge is getting stronger thanks to the app as I am able to see why certain moves in the games played by famous grandmasters are brilliant, mistakes or blunders.

I highly recommend you download Forward Chess so that not only can your game get stronger but also be able to download chess e-books and take full advantage of the information presented! No more analyzing chess games manually on a chess set only to forget where you left off!




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