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​Who Can't Stop Being Overwhelmed, In Chaos, and Being "Busy"

Discover this JAW-DROPPING, simple method to regain your mind in your business

Have That Plan To Succeed In Delivering Your Product/Service Offerings

​Have That Plan For Stop Being Distracted

Have That Plan to Conquer Procrastination Forever

Without Using Expensive Drugs, Failed Therapies, Unreliable Psychology Tests And Greedy Psychiatrists Who Just Line Their Pockets!

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Do you feel like you are a bad businessman/businesswoman because your mind constantly wonders? 

Are you worried about the long term impact of your procrastination, distraction, and what effect that's going to have in your business?

Let Me Tell You My Story

My name is Elan Becker and I remember when I was building my first business 4 years ago, I didn't know what I was doing . I hopped around from idea to idea thinking that this would FINALLY be the ticket to success.

​How wrong I was! Instead, I ended up failing, crashing, and burning my hard earned cash.

I still remember when I got my first sale on Shopify selling men's clothing and accessories that it would be the breakthrough I long hoped for. Instead, I lost motivation and yet another failure to my name in running a business.

I ended up doing a lot of soul searching. What was the cause of me constantly crashing, burning, and being a complete failure with my businesses?

Then the anger built up, the depression, the raging anxiety, and panic attacks. ​Why couldn't I make a consistent buck with serving my customers? Was there something wrong with me?

​After these soul searching moments, I was all alone feeling like I was worth nothing. And this would continue day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

But something dawned on me. Did the rest of my life have to be this way? Does life have to be this way for the entrepreneur? That the only hope for having a successful business ​was somehow throwing darts at a board, praying and hoping that something sticks? Having sleepless nights? Losing your health due to the time needed to do everything alone against all odds?


​​After going through YEARS of misery and hopelessness, I found this incredible solution. And thank goodness I was introduced to it by none other than my OWN MOTHER! What did this solution do for me?​

It was none other than CHESS! Now you may be thinking; I don't care about chess! Isn't chess just another board game out there? Why would chess help me in building a successful business? Why is this valuable? Am I missing something?

But the fact is after playing chess for over 15 years, chess gave me this one key critical skill in helping me serve my customers.

It is FOCUS!

It saved me massive amounts of time (if not tens of thousands of dollars) spent on expensive psychologists, psychiatrists, medicines and therapies that just DON'T WORK!

It gave my self-confidence, belief and my all important FOCUS back!

Every time I won, I felt like a champion and now a champion in building my dream business!

As a result of playing chess for over 15 years and studying all the mental and emotional benefits of the game, I am living a happier life. My ability to be distracted was significantly reduced and my energy levels were higher than I ever thought! Still don't believe me? Check out this anecdote from Bobby Fischer.

"Chess demands total concentration. A chess player can make moves like a grandmaster for 30 moves, ​and then ​get distracted ​on move 31 ​and make an elementary blunder that loses the game!

If you can help your business succeed with a chess set, then you will be able to free yourself from unnecessary distractions!

If you STILL THINK I am crazy, take a look at this SHOCKING conclusion. According to Neil Patel at Inc Magazine, ​lack of focus is one of the number 1 causes of burnout, distraction, and MASSIVE FAILURE! You know those moments right? Too many ideas. Not enough time. Too many items on the to-do list. This can all be fixed!

So How Can Chess Be Used to Achieve The Outcome of Stronger Focus in Your Business?

Get On A Call With Me To Find Out If My Chess Coaching Program Is The Right Fit for You. If you decide to move forward, you will get

2 60 minute lessons from me (and actually talking with me via Zoom) about how to apply the principles of chess using my three-step process in order to help you achieve MASSIVE focus in your business!

That is it? NO! Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses...


Bonus #1 - 60 Minute ABSOLUTELY FREE Introduction to Playing Chess Lessons

(If You Are a Total Newbie and Have Never Played or Heard of the Game Before!) I will give you 2 ABSOLUTELY FREE lessons on how to play chess, the principles, tactics, and strategies that you can apply to any game anywhere!


Bonus #2 - FREE complete tournament spec chess set;

all the tools you need to play your chess game ANYWHERE! Yes, YOU HEARD THIS CORRECTLY. I will send you a free tournament spec chess set complete with a chess clock, chess bag, triple weighted or better chess pieces and mouse pad board ABSOLUTELY FREE! (no paying for shipping and handling required)


Bonus #3 - FREE Chess eBook On The Beginner’s Guide to Chess

will give you an additional e-book on how to play the game that you can reference over and over and over again! 


UNLIMITED - E-mail Support For Your Chess Games And My Three Step Process for Six Months.

When you purchase my chess coaching package, you get unlimited e-mail support with any questions you may have about chess games you have played with others and implementing my three-step process to using a chess board to get your focus back in your business for good! Real Value: PRICELESS

If You Still Don't Believe Me And Think I Am Crazy That Chess Gave Me All Of These Amazing Benefits For Over 15 Years

As a busy business owner, student and mother, stress and anxiety are a problem at times. Knowing I needed a way to decompress, a friend of mine recommended Elan's chess coaching program. I didn't even realize how therapeutic chess could be until I took lessons with him. He was clear, articulate, thorough and made sure I was never behind in the lessons given. My stress has been reduced and have significantly increased my focus as a result of learning the game's principles and applying Elan's lessons. I highly recommend him for using chess to help overcome anxiety and self confidence issues. Totally worth it!

Marcelle Folk

Owner, Winekey Experience

Elan's knowledge of chess and its benefits are unbelievably amazing. His depth of experience really shows when he is explaining a game that looks so complex but is actually simple to learn. I highly recommend him for all of your chess coaching needs!

Chris Borghese

Founder/CEO, Borghese & Company

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P.S. - Every minute you procrastinate, it could mean the difference between having a thriving business which brings joy to your world every single day and a business which makes you go through hell due to having no focus!

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