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Chess Psychology-Why Understanding it Matters

Chess Psychology is a very interesting subject. That is because the key to winning more games is to understand the psychology behind why the opponent thinks the way he/she thinks. The opponents way of thinking will determine whether he/she will make many tactical, strategical or calculation mistakes. Without understanding why these concepts matter, it will […]

How Chess Helps Quicken Decision Making!

Introduction: Many days, I am short on time and therefore, like to play chess games that are short on time for each side, about 5 minutes. My opinion is 5 minute chess games are actually more beneficial than I realized when I have to learn to make decisions very quickly. In fact, I sometimes have […]

Barnes Opening-Your Opponent Will Go Crazy!

Introduction: As part of my quest to find games online in the chessgames.com opening explorer that use unconventional chess openings, I have noticed that some openings have a very limited amount of games to analyze. That is a shame because any opening you can think of, you can win with it if you try to […]

Chess Tournaments: Should You Participate?

What is a chess tournament? A chess tournament is one where you play against other chess players based on something called a rating. The more games you win, the higher your rating becomes. The governing body for chess tournaments in the US is the US Chess Federation. There are a lot of principles relating to […]


Kadas Opening via Chessgames.com!

Introduction: I have always thought that sometimes I am alone in playing these wild and crazy chess openings. Thankfully, there are some games featuring these crazy openings via chessgames.com! We will analyze the Kadas opening. I know I have talked about this opening in previous posts but want to explore how others apply it and […]

Mental Health Benefits of Chess

Introduction From the previous article, I discussed a general overview to the health benefits of chess. The health benefits of chess clearly makes the game a huge benefit for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to discuss in more detail about what the mental health benefits really mean in applying context […]


Health Benefits of Chess Overlooked

Introduction: There are many health benefits of chess that are especially important for today’s age when it seems that everyone is living life in the fast lane. From my own experience, they include being able to think very quickly in stressful situations, increase my concentration, increase creative/analytical skills, and strengthen my self-confidence. Neurological Benefits: I […]