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Forward Chess: A New Kind of Chess E-Book Reader!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. Product: Forward Chess E-Book Reader Price: The app is free (IOS/Android) but books average $19.99 Where to Buy?: forwardchess.com My Rating: 10/10 Introduction: Before we get into what Forward Chess is, we should first think about what chess books are. Chess books […]

Does Chess Help Create a Strategic Planning System?

Introduction: For the last several years, I have approached chess from a health perspective. How chess benefits the mind, the body and the soul. Chess helps strengthen your focus, forces you to slow down, increases concentration, brain power, critical thinking, reasoning, and learning to think long term. Can chess also help business owners create a […]

Chess and Complicated Watches

Introduction: A work of art is something to behold! Captivating to the eyes, the senses and the mind. When we think works of art, most will think of paintings. For you watch enthusiasts, complications are what makes the the simple watch a true work of magnificant art. Chess is art as starting from nothing and […]

Chess & The Power of Focus

Before I start, I know it has been a while since I last posted anything. I do apologize for this. I have spending the majority of my time for the last couple of months creating my chess coaching course. Through it all, there were numerous setbacks in creating the sales page, and finally, everything is […]