​About Me

​My chess journey started when I was in elementary school. At first, I started playing chess as a way to relax. It then evoled into club play and then tournaments. I was hooked on the game! The complexity, the artistry and psychology, that goes from battlefield to victory fascinated me. But then something happened..

I got bored playing chess! I didn't know why until now. It seems that every chess game I was playing (along with analyzing many grandmasters) started off with the same opening lines leading to the same positions until well into the middle game based on "do what worked last time" leading to incredibly boring routines. I decided to do the opposite. 

I went from playing too many games with the English Opening to the Bongcloud! And then my wins tripled! I couldn't believe it. I kept playing chess openings that were dismissed as unwinnable and I started winning more games than I could count. Kadas, Ware. You name it. If it was an uncommon opening, I played it and then I won.

Unconventional Chess: making chess more exciting, complex, fun and elegant one chess game at a time.