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Unconventional Chess is dedicated to spreading the message about how chess can make the world a better place. Chess is not the stuffy game your grandfather once played that looked so intimidating! In fact, chess has many benefits from sharpening the mind, to reducing anger issues and increasing self-confidence! We believe that chess is not only a beautiful game but is one where the ability to customize your strategy for winning is only limited by your imagination. Let’s make the world more interesting, fun, and exciting one chess game and one chess set at a time!

King side Openings

Barnes Opening-Your Opponent Will Go Crazy!
Introduction: As part of my quest to find games online in the chessgames.com opening explorer that use unconventional chess openings,[...]
The Ruy Lopez With an Unusual Diverson-Chessgames.com
Introduction: Normally all of you Unconventional Chess readers think I am going to be talking about some crazy opening like[...]
Kadas Opening via Chessgames.com!
Introduction: I have always thought that sometimes I am alone in playing these wild and crazy chess openings. Thankfully, there[...]
The Power of Endgames Featuring the Cut Off
What to Expect in Endgames: I haven't discussed strictly endgames which is why I decided to discuss this post. The[...]

Queen side Openings

The Gorgeous Beauty of the Two Bishops!
Introduction: I have seen many games showcasing the power of the two bishops working so beautifully. In terms of grand[...]
The English Opening With Na6 From the Facebook Challenge Part 1!
I issued a second Facebook challenge for members of the Unconventional Chess Corner and we had an acceptance. This is[...]
Analysis of Everyday Chess Game with Anderssen Opening
i always try to find games of other chess players who love to play very strange openings just like I[...]
The Saragossa Opening: My Take On It
I have been playing some games as of late where I have been experimenting with openings that have more subtlety[...]

Health Benefits Of Chess

Chess Psychology-Why Understanding it Matters
Chess Psychology is a very interesting subject. That is because the key to winning more games is to understand the[...]
How Chess Helps Quicken Decision Making!
Introduction: Many days, I am short on time and therefore, like to play chess games that are short on time[...]
Chess Tournaments: Should You Participate?
What is a chess tournament? A chess tournament is one where you play against other chess players based on something[...]
Mental Health Benefits of Chess
Introduction From the previous article, I discussed a general overview to the health benefits of chess. The health benefits of[...]

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